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PG Preschool Garden Project 2024

Alongside our main fundraising target for 2024, we are focusing on updating our outdoor space in readiness for our Open Morning on Saturday 22nd June.


We have already received an amazing £150 from our local Partridge Green Co-Op Community Donation which has already bought us a wonderful new wooden planter, compost and plants we are hoping to harvest for the children's snack in the coming months!

We plan to have a Garden Tidy day on Sunday 2nd June and invite as many volunteers as possible to come along and help with any jobs that need doing! This might include:

  • Gardening/weeding

  • Cleaning/sweeping

  • Painting

  • Pressure washing (if anyone can bring a washer, that would be great!) 

We would gratefully receive donations of the following:

  • Compost

  • Small plants such as lavender, basil, tomato

  • Plastic plant containers/pots

  • Anything for our new Bug Hotel such as broken tiles, bricks, bamboo etc

  • Outdoor decorations such as windmills, wind chimes, bird boxes or anything sensory that will enhance the space and the children will love!

  • Chalkboard paint 

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