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Our day

Opening times (term time)

We are open 8am - 4pm Monday to Friday 

On arrival


​​When we open the outside door there is a place where the children can leave their coats, wellies and a change of clothes on their named peg. When they come into the main hall your child will be greeted by one of the staff and asked to wash their hands.


Book bags and lunch boxes will be placed on their named space on the table. We encourage the children to be independent at doing this once they are settled. Coats and other outdoor clothing will be hung on the coat rack in the hall.

Children will be encouraged to put their photo on the self- registration board, before settling to an activity.


Your child’s key person or another member of staff will always be available to support this transition.

Daily routine

On arrival the children are encouraged to access one of the activities on offer that morning. These activities will cover the seven areas of development as set out in the EYFS
(Early Years Foundation Stage). The children will
 take part in regular topics and have the opportunity to explore various celebrations throughout the year.


Once all the children have arrived we meet on the carpet. We discuss the date and sing the days of the week and months of the year songs, before selecting a special helper to help with a number of jobs throughout the day. 


We operate a free-flow system of play whereby the children have access to the outside area (where all seven areas of development are also covered). 


We have snack time from about 10.00 am. The Special Helper, selected on a rotational basis, helps to prepare the food for the other children. We operate a rolling snack where the children can access a selection of fruit, crackers, milk and water independently.   

We have a large library of books and children are encouraged to choose a book to borrow and enjoy at home on a regular basis.


At the end of the morning the special helper sounds the cymbals to signal tidy up time. Everybody helps to tidy up before enjoying a circle time which may involve sharing stories, telling each other our news, singing songs, playing group games, using the parachute, early mathematics and phonics skills. 

We sometimes have visitors such as the library lady, the sensory bus, the fire engine and police and a variety of animals.

Lunch hour

Children staying for lunch sit together to enjoy a chat with friends and staff over the packed lunch that they bring in from home. Healthy choices are encouraged and discussed. Free-flow play and learning continues after lunch, and we encourage children to access different areas of EYFS to those already covered in the morning.

Pick up

Doors will be opened at the end of each session at 12pm, 1pm, 3pm and 4pm. to collect your child.  You will have a chance to speak to staff about your child's day

Specialist activities




WSCC library

dental nurse

fire engine and crew

meet the animals - lambs, puppies, ducks, tortoise, snakes, bunnies

Out and about

Easter walk - Downs link

Autumn walk

Forest school - Jolesfield common woods

Jolesfield School

Fire station

Homelands Equestrian

Christmas/Easter/Mother's Day services
(Methodist Church )

Development Matters areas of learning:

Communication and language

Personal, social and emotional development

Physical development



Understanding the World

Expressive arts and design

"The activities arranged for the children are always well thought out, relevant & executed well."

Parent View 2023 


"Staff understand the needs of
children well, they are confident on
where their key children are in their development"

(EYA 2023)

Stay and Play for 0-5s

Thursday mornings Term Times from 10 - 11.30am. Drop in to our friendly group for babies and toddlers, hosted by our qualified staff.

Just £2.50 per family. First session free. St Michael's Church Hall, Partridge Green. 

Outdoor play, messy play, crafts, climbing frame, role play corner, refreshments, rhyme time.

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