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The Preschool depends on income from charitable donations and various fundraising events. The Friends of PG Preschool are a collective of Committee Members, family members and even grandparents of children who attended the Preschool many years ago! They help to organise a busy calendar of community and private events throughout the year! Keep an eye on this page to find out what's coming up!


We also have a very active Facebook community and welcome anyone interested in what we are doing to join! Join the group especially if you think you can offer your time at any events, bake cakes and biscuits or donate any prizes for our various raffles and tombolas! 


All proceeds from these fundraising events go directly to improving equipment and resources for the children. Last year we raised an amazing total of money which went towards wonderful new outdoor equipment and various important consumables for the school including art supplies!

Fundraising Target 2024

This year the staff at Partridge Green Pre-School have given us a fundraising target of £2500 to enable them to upgrade lots of their furniture and equipment with beautiful and durable Community Playthings items including storage racks, screens and imaginative play equipment. We have already reached our initial goal of £820 and purchased the new wooden playhouse!

reach our goals May 2024.jpg

Alternatively if you would like to make a direct donation, please have a look at our Wish List!


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